Chris Sharma Doing a 9b+ Climb With Ease

Welcome to the Grip Site:

This site is for anyone looking to increase their grip strength, fingers and forearms . Ultimate Grip Strength has a wealth of information you need to develop super strong fingers and a metal iron grip. Although often overlooked, hand grip is a key component of strength in sports.

Whether your a martial artist, weightlifter, rockclimber, marksman, musician or just someone who uses a computer for 12 hours a day, strong hands are important. Here you will find all the best possible training methods, advice and training equipment there is on the internet to developing strong hands and a developed grip.

Please note many of these exercises exert extreme pressure on the finger muscles within the hand. It is recommended, you take long enough recovery periods between your training sessions and train within your pain threshold. As you may know ligaments within the fingers take alot longer to heal when torn or broken, so make sure your recovery times between workouts are long enough to fully allow you hand to heal!